The Clinic

The Clinic is a gang made up almost entirely of bards, clerics, and the like. While they seem to be content with their current location, as they have shown no attempts at expanding their territory beyond The Culdesac, they seem to be connected to almost every other gang in the city and evidence of them can be found in every sting, undercover mission, and bust we have carried out in the last 16 months.

Most of their activity centers around the manufacturing and distribution of illegal or controlled substances. These can range from performance-enhancers, high-end health potions, and, poisons, among other things. They seem to be the go-to supplier for every shady place and group in the city. They never seem to actively seek out confrontation, but during the few times when we’ve managed to get them in a corner, they are more than a formidable foe. Remember, they make the potions and compounds and, as such, they are best suited to know how to use them.

The newest drug that they seem to be pushing at the moment is known as Uncanny. Reports of its effects vary, but the only consistent pieces of information we have about it are that it is highly addictive and highly dangerous, often leading to death in cases of an overdose. Many of those caught working for The Clinic are not of the higher level kind, who know where and how the upper members operate, but seem to mainly be working to spread recreational drugs such as this. In fact, they often swear to not even have any knowledge of who hired them, much less where they operate out of.

If and when you infiltrate this group, it is imperative that you do not find yourselves tempted by whatever stash of potions you may find there or that they may try to tempt you with. Even that which you find on the persons of those you detain should make you cautious as they will often carry mislabeled poisons intentionally. This isn’t a rumor so much as something that they spread purposefully to warn any who might attempt to mug their dealers.

Based on the interrogations of The Clinic members we have detained, there is no truly sole leader of the gang. Instead there is a kind of board member system in place. However, when pressured to pick one name that might be the most important to the organization, the figure most often described is a male referred to as Mr. Qvarlione. We believe we may know who this person is but, as we have so far been unable to directly connect him to any illegal activities, we have been unable to find any charges on which we can convict him. If you would like to contact Mr. Qvarlione to question him about his activities at any time, you may do so, but try to do your best to not invoke a lawsuit.

The Clinic

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