The Alliance

The Alliance is a gang made up almost entirely of wizards, sorcerers, druids, and the like. They are not very active and do not stray very far from their base of operations, which is in the central part of The Twins. In fact, it is common knowledge that the gang is centered in The Fulcrum. It is large, conspicuous, and not hidden at all, but is, in fact, in plain sight. Unfortunately, this base is protected through heavy magic and is extremely difficult to gain access to. In fact, there is no recorded evidence of anybody even being seen entering the building at all, although, people have been seen leaving.

The activities of The Alliance are relatively unknown. Their motives and actions are unclear, but their existence is certain. There is some evidence that their actions are surgical and precise methods to gather power for themselves. The only crimes that have been traced back to them are often tied to political or monetary motives. It is highly likely that they have influence over members in The Judiciary System and Parliament, as well as other important and respected businessmen in the city, though it is uncertain who these specific people might be.

There is no reliable information on who the current acting leader of The Alliance is, despite the fact that their last known leader, Jophy the White, was killed during a raid almost 10 months ago. In fact even much of the information we do have at this time is uncertain or mere speculation. This is easily the lowest profile gang in the city, but may have the potential to become one of the most dangerous.

The activities of The Alliance have certainly decreased since the raid that killed their previous leader, Jophy the White. Despite their diminished presence, however, we do know that they are most likely still the reason why no other gang has yet to attempt expanding to The Twins for any reason. That being said, there are rumors that The Alliance, true to their name, has attempted to make deals with some of the other gangs, although it is not clear which gangs these are or even if any deal was actually made.

The Alliance

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