Mordak Rumenheim

Tank, Bruiser, Kneecapper


Mordak Rumenheim, soldier of Harmony, has often been described to be a bit to enthusiastic at his job at times. Specifically, his tendency to kneecap his targets in the middle of a raid. Some might call it police brutality, but in Mordak’s opinion, one can’t spend time to handcuff people when a fight is going on. He prefers the smash and run technique, leaving those who do not surrender immobilized for the reinforcements to pick up. His methods are somewhat questionable, but are undeniably effective. He respects the authority of the law, and enforces it through his work in the Weapons Division. Outside of work, his main hobby is crystal growth and sculpting, a long and arduous process that takes months or years to complete. Patience to a dwarf can either extend for long periods of time, or be nonexistent in the heat of battle, where a split second decision can mean the difference between life or death.


Logo for the Weapons Division of Harmony, the WDH.

Mordak Rumenheim

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