The Town of Har-Mon

The Town of Har-Mon is the capital city of the country of Ronnocia. It sits between The Julian Sea and The Britanick River in the northeastern portion of Ronnocia. The Town of Har-Mon is a major hub for trade and immigration due to it’s placement, not only near The Julian Sea, but also within only a few days travel of several other major cities of Ronnocia including Samburg, Jorma, Akiva, Keegania, and Jordan. At the time of the most recent census four years ago, reported a population of just under 1,000 within the town walls, making it the second-smallest town in Ronnocia.

After being settled in 0 Y.A.S. (Years After Settlement) by renowned explorer and adventurer, Theodore Grandpa the Great, and his elven wife, Etrasil Grandpa, The Town of Har-Mon has evolved into the political, technological, and symbolical center of Ronnocia that it is today. Affectionately nicknamed “The Accidental Capital”, the town’s place of importance came as a great surprise to nearly everybody and it showed as the town’s original boundaries were much to small to accommodate the growth and expansion that often comes with being a major capital. As a result, The Town of Har-Mon maintains a steady low population as traders, travelers, and immigrants stay for only as long as necessary before moving on. This continuous flow of people and ideas is one of the major factors that keeps the town on the forefront of innovation. Nevertheless, there are supposedly plans to expand the town’s limits to the north and land has already begun to be cleared to make room for the expansion.


The Town of Har-Mon was founded as a resting place for weary travelers. Upon discovery of the land upon which the town would later rest, the famous explorer Theodore Grandpa the Great famously said, “Let’s camp here for the night.” Before long it would become a bustling mini-metropolis for any and all creatures. For, while it is one of the smallest major places in Ronnocia, it is easily one of the most diverse. It’s citizens pride themselves on being equally rude to everybody, regardless of race, gender, class, or level. Their town motto is: “Iire lle auta?”

In the years following its founding, the people of The Town of Har-Mon found themselves fighting in constant skirmishes and battles over the piece of land which they called home. This was because it was in the middle of a major trade route and they were an inconvenience to the traders who believed that they had nothing to offer. Out of spite, the citizens began farming, hunting, and crafting some of the most incredible foods, art, tools, weapons, and armor that anybody had ever seen in one place. They then refused to trade any of these to anybody outside of the town limits unless it was for unreasonably high prices. In 91 Y.A.S., this led to the conflict known as The Wage War, which the Har-Monians eventually won after 2 years of fighting. It was during this time that Chase Grandpa, the great-grandson of Theodore Grandpa the Great and Etrasil Grandpa distinguished his abilities as an exceptional fighter and leader on the field of battle. The townspeople, after declaring victory, forced the defeated parties to build the very walls that would be used to keep them out. Once the walls were completed, however, the Har-Monians decided that they didn’t have use for all that they had created and agreed to begin trading with the traders as long as they continued to maintain the quality and strength of the town walls for the right to trade within them. This was known as The Trade Agreement and is still in effect today.

Throughout this period of their history, The Town of Har-Mon operated under a direct democracy with weekly town meetings where ideas were submitted and voted on by any and all in attendance. As the town’s prestige increased, however, more and more people realized that they could not keep the attendance at a consistently high enough level and so, in 103 Y.A.S. made the switch to a democratic republic monarchy with Chase Grandpa being almost unanimously chosen to be the first king of The Town of Har-Mon. The political system that was uniquely crafted came to be known as The Har-Mony System and is studied intently by politicians and historians to this day.

In 303 Y.A.S., during the reign of Daniel the Observant, also known as Daniel the Introspective, the towns and cities of Ronnocia, under his leadership, decided to come together to form a single country as a show of camaraderie and unity since they had all been founded by Theodore Grandpa the Great and Etrasil Grandpa. The signing of The Ronnocian Constitution a few years later, in 308, made the move official and declared The Town of Har-Mon to be the official capital of the country due, not only to its historical significance, since it was the first place in Ronnocia to be settled, but also due to it’s important role on the frontiers of science, politics, and monetary growth.

The Town of Har-Mon would therefore become the home to the Ronnocia Parliament. In addition, the monarch of The Town of Har-Mon would also become the monarch for all of Ronnocia as they decided to adopt The Har-Mony System of government and found it fitting that, since their common founding was what brought them together, their founder’s descendants should be the ruling class and, even during The Monarchy Mix-Up of 409, the political system remained intact and proved to be an effective means of ruling. The Ronnocian Constitution was also used to declare an official Ronnocian Calendar.


The Town of Har-Mon rests on the outer edge of The Nielsen Forest, within a few hours of The Julian Sea and in the shadow of The U’Know Mountains. It’s natural defenses make it safe from most attempts to attack it from enemies and few have ever tried. The Burnham Canyon, which houses The Britanick River is also very near to the town. Just outside the town’s walls are Derrick Creek and Rojump Hill, which, while not significant landmarks, are enjoyed by the youth of the town as a fun hangout spot.


The climate of The Town of Har-Mon is generally humid continental, and features significant variation over the year. Winter temperatures average below freezing during Copuary, Jophuary, and into Mard.

Summer-like conditions prevail from Goldstill to Congust region-wide. Cold air damming east of The U’Know Mountains leads to protracted periods of cloud cover and precipitation east of the range, primarily between the Thompsober and Goldstill months.

Much of the precipitation to the region occurs from fall through spring. Significant snows can blow in from The Julian Sea as well as down from The U’Know Mountains. Large, long-lived complexes of thunderstorms can invade the town from the northwest during the summer, which downgrade to less extreme rains and winds during the summer and fall. Hurricane impacts on the town occur once every 18–19 years, with major hurricane impacts every 70–74 years.


The Town of Har-Mon gets much of their income from agriculture, followed closely by weapons and armor, then arts and crafts, with magic-related potions and items coming in fourth.

The town’s agriculture consists several kinds of crops and livestock. The major crops of the area include: apples, grapes, cabbage, corn, onions, oats, wheat, grain, soybeans, and maple syrup. Other major agricultural products are eggs and dairy. The major livestock that are raised in the area consist mainly of cows, pigs, sheep and ducks.

The Town of Har-Mon has the lowest unemployment rate in Ronnocia and the fourth-highest standard of living, with the second-highest quality of living. The town also currently has the second-highest GDP growth rate.

The Town of Har-Mon

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