The Club

The Club is a gang made up almost entirely of fighters, rangers, barbarians, and the like. As much as they like to treat the most of the city like it’s their territory, they spend most of their time in and around Stadium Square. It’s believed that their de facto headquarters is somewhere in Stadium Square, but we don’t have any information that is any more specific than that.

They enjoy spending their time by controlling much of the arms trade and weapons dealing in and around the city. They are also responsible for the most muggings, murders, and random acts of violence in the city.

They are prone to fighting, as I’m sure you can imagine and, when they can’t find any innocent victims to attack, they turn to fighting each other and placing bets on the outcome.

The leader of The Club is a male dwarf fighter named Durden. He’s not often out and about, but every member of The Club, down to the guy who joined yesterday, knows his name and how dangerous he is. He’s as likely to kill you for a good reason as he is for no reason at all, so be careful when dealing with him.

The Club

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