Badger Squadron

Badger Squadron is the name of the top secret task force to which you have been assigned. It was long in the making and delicately built. Each member was hand-picked after considerable observation and deliberation by City Marshall Jimmy Mathers, co-rulers, Queen Rebecca and Queen Jennifer, and Police Chief Mark Wurds.

Badger Squadron was built with only one goal in mind: to stop the gangs wreaking havoc in the city before it was too late.

The members of Badger Squadron were the best and most honest and reliable people that could be found for each position that needed to be filled. Talia was picked from among the Queens’ own Royal Guard. Mordak Rumenheim was chosen from among the best that the city’s Weapons Division had to offer. The city’s Narcotics Division provides the squadron with Roger Kint II. Bames Jond was the clear choice from the Special Tactics Division. And Hemthorn Klyptan the Beige was found among the top tier of the city’s Research Division.

Despite their individual skills and accomplishments, however, only by working together does the Badger Squadron have a chance at ending the crime wave sweeping over their beloved city.

Badger Squadron

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