Welcome to The Town of Har-Mon. Although, I suppose you don’t need to be welcomed to the place you’ve lived for most of your lives. You were born and raised here and, over the years, you’ve come to have a fierce loyalty to the city you call home. One way or another, each of you found your way onto the field of Law Enforcement because you wanted to do what you could to make your city a better place.

But, over the past several years, it’s been doing the exact opposite. Ever since the old king, King Westley Thomas Ros VII, died and his daughter, Queen Rebecca, and her sister, Queen Jennifer, took over as co-rulers, things slowly began falling apart. Not that you ever considered the queen and her sister to necessarily be bad rulers, but perhaps a bit too young, a bit too inexperienced, and a bit too unsure of herself to properly enforce the law of the land. And people have taken advantage of that.

Four gangs (The Gallery, The Alliance, The Club, and The Clinic) soon rose to prominence, each of them with their own skill sets, goals, and way of doing things. They effectively took over four of the major sections of the city (The Alley, The Twins, Stadium Square, and The Culdesac, respectively), the citizens of each area living in fear. In response, another group (The Mask, located in The Steeple) sprung up, this one with the intent of halting the gang activity in its tracks. Unfortunately, in taking the law into their own hands, they decided to take the lives of their foes as well. The situation has escalated with retaliations becoming more and more blatant and violent and it’s only a matter of time before the city becomes a full-blown war zone.

Unbeknownst to you, this has not gone unnoticed by the queen and a plan has already been set into motion to restore order to the streets of Har-Mon. For some time, you and your colleagues have been being watched closely to determine the merits and trustworthiness of the potential candidates to participate in this plan. The plan in question? Instead of further escalation and declaring an all-out attack on the gangs by the entire law enforcement agency, a small, effective task force is to be assembled that will arrest the leaders of each group, cutting the heads off of the snakes and showing the populace that the law still reigns supreme.

You have been chosen as the members of (tentatively-named) Badger Squadron and the fate of your beloved city lies in your hands. But will you be able to save it? Or is your precious city too far gone?

A Town on Fire

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